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We are a data service company that Specializes in property rental dwellings for Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Hudson & some Morris county areas.
Before you pay try our Free Search! We provide you with all the information about the apartments, condo, room, etc that you are interested in, this way you can contact the home owner directly. This will save you a great deal of time and money by you not having to drive around looking for homes for rent, scouring the internet or newspapers. We have our own specialized team assigned to do just that. Our data s updated each and everyday so you can get the most up to the minute information on all the latest homes, condos, studios and apartments for rent in Clifton, Paterson, Paramus, Jersey City, Lyndhurst, and much more. Once you become a Premium Member, you will get all that information. There are no other hidden fees. We do not charge any Brokers Commission.

This service is not for some one looking for only 1 property. This is only successful if you are Open to several different cities & have a Flexible Price Range.    No  Refunds.  We charge a one time registration fee of $120.00, premium members can use our service for 120 days.

Landlords can list their rental properties and advertise for FREE, with no obligation at all. We encourage all property owners to enter their properties with us because we can save you time and money by giving you free advertising and increasing the amount of qualified renters viewing your property. We welcome lots of pictures too!
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